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Lixr is founded by beauty veteran Susanne Langmuir built upon her knowledge that Farm-to-Face ingredients create healthier skin than silicones do. Her luxurious, high-performance formulations feed skin and lips with the good stuff they need.  

A culmination of 20 years experience as formulator of good-enough-to-eat lipstick and creator of cult-favourite products, Lixr is a a lifetime of Susanne’s passion for nourishing ingredients with decadent textures.

Beyond Clean

We believe that better ingredients lead to healthier beauty. The Farm-to-Face ethos favours active ingredients that provide transformation through their integrity.

Organic, natural & sustainably sourced, Lixr is 100% cruelty-free and will never contain silicone, phthalates, preservatives, mineral oil, sulfates, petrolatum, PEGs, EDTA, or BPA.

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My childhood summers were spent farming with my mother to grow our food, long before ‘clean’ was a thing.    

Natural ingredients create better results, regardless of whether the recipe is for a serum or a soup.  To me, It's never made sense to formulate with silicones when I could use superfruits instead.

Lixr was born as a labour of love to create luxurious makeup that cares for skin without compromise. The health of your skin reflects what you apply to it, and we all deserve to feel confident in our skin.

xo Susanne 


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